The Bible has multiple authors, was written over a period of approx. 1,200 years or longer, and yet has one overall message from beginning to end. The Bible reveals how the earth and mankind was created, and what we were created for. It gives the explanation of life, death and everything in between. The Bible is a dramatic story informing us that there is a real Devil who is seeking to destroy humanity and exalt himself to be more powerful than God. It explains why God has allowed the human race to continue to exist, despite the horrific and awful things that we do to ourselves and others. It explains that this world was created for mankind’s benefit, but due to our own sin and rebellion against God and His Way, we continually corrupt this earth and ourselves. Redemption means to be saved, ransomed or rescued from something. Humanity needs to be redeemed from the evil desire (sin nature) within us. We need to be┬áredeemed from the power of the Devil that holds us captive by sin and opposes our redemption by means of deception. We also need to be restored to a right relationship with our Creator. The story of the Bible is the story of this REDEMPTION.