We can deceive ourselves into thinking that He won’t judge our works according to His standard, the Law. But, who we create God to be in our minds, doesn’t alter who He really is. This is humanity’s way of “manufacturing” a god according to our own liking. We decide who we think God is, in order to appease our own conscience. Every one of our eternal destiny’s will not be judged according to who we thought God was, and how we thought God would be, but according to who God really is. Because God is good, and not corrupt, He has to judge us according to His standard, not our standard. Just because you don’t feel guilty, doesn’t mean you aren’t guilty of committing sin. Under the Old Covenant, there was a¬†SACRIFICE for sins committed “through ignorance” (Lev. 4:2). This shows us that mankind cannot know, at least in totality, how sinful¬†we are. It also reveals that redemption couldn’t be according to mankind’s consciousness of sin, but according to God’s standard of righteousness. Eternal separation from God (eternal death) is not due to committing what we consider to be a really bad sin or sins. Even the smallest sin in our eyes, is so terrible and awful in God’s holy eyes, that it’s punishment is accordingly awful and terrible in our eyes. Eternal separation from God for all eternity is not based on our goodness. Eternal life (living forever with God and His creations) or eternal death is based solely upon our Faith in God’s Solution, Jesus Christ and Him crucified (Rom. 3:23-24). What are you trusting in?