Counterfeit Solutions

Every Believer has a certain sin or sins that they seem to be “bent” towards committing. And, all Believers do want to have victory over that area of their life. What I have found in my experience and research is that one pastor may tell you to do one thing to have victory, and the next pastor may tell you to do another. If you attend one church, they say that educating you to the consequences of your sinful habits will give you the strength to resist them. Another church may send you to get counseling. Counseling may help you learn some of “the why” you do the sin you do, but the solution then offered will most likely be practicing behavior modification with a prayer or Scripture applied. Another church may sign you up to join a recovery group, and if you will practice the steps within their program, then you will supposedly get victory over your sin. Another church may believe that if you will just pray “through”, you will never struggle with your sin again. Another church may assign you to read your Bible more consistently and pray a certain amount everyday, thinking that a lack of spiritual disciplines is the problem. Another church may recommend you get an accountablity partner so that you can meet with them on a regular basis to share your struggles and pray. And the options for being delivered from a particular sin problem go on and on. So who is right? Or are they all right? Ask yourself this question. Are there a variety of methods and ways to be delivered from various sins? Unfortunately, most would say “yes” because they probably have been taught that this is true. But, is this what the Bible says?

All of my life, I have thought that the Devil wanted to get me to do “bad” things. That he wanted me to commit awful sins, because if I would sin “bad enough or too much” God would be forced to send me to hell. It is true that the Devil wants Believers to sin, but I didn’t realize what sin really was. Sinful acts are listed in Galatians 5:19-21. What I had never been told, was HOW to keep the desire for sin from dominating my heart. My actions were just a result of what was ruling my heart. The good actions I wanted to do, but never could do on a consistent basis, are listed as the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22. I had read that verse countless times, and not realized that it was His fruit, not mine. And, how to allow Him to produce His fruit (works) in my life is discussed in the previous verses. “This I say then, walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so you cannot do the things that you would. BUT, if you are led of the Spirit, you are not under the Law” (Gal. 5:16-18). This passage has lead some to mistakenly believe that the flesh is the sin nature. But when you examine the words in the original language (it was first written in Greek), you come to a different conclusion. The key word is “lust” of the flesh. Translators also used the words “covet(ing)” and “concupiscience” to descibe this Greek word “epithumia”. It means to desire or long for something, especially for forbidden things. It is the same Greek word used in Romans 7:7-8. Romans 7:14-24 makes known what these previous verses (7-8) are referring to. It is the sin and evil desire that is within all of us. This is what we refer to as the sin nature (Rom. 7:17-21). It is the lust for evil and sin that dwells within our flesh (Rom. 7:18). Romans 6:12-14,16 make it clear that, “your mortal body, your members, yourselves, you” can be yielded to sin (the sin nature) or to God. If you yield yourself to sin (by not accessing and continuing to access redemption God’s Way) then you will be a servant to sin unto death. Or you can yield yourself to God (by being obedient to The Faith) and be a servant of God. So, this passage in Galatians is explaining the exact same doctrine as was stated in the letter to the Roman Believers. That is because the same author wrote both letters. The author was the Holy Spirit (through the apostle Paul)! Walking after the Spirit is the Only Way not to be under the Law and not fulfill the lust of the flesh (the evil desire of our fallen nature).

Satan knew that he would keep me held captive by my sin nature, if I continued relying on my flesh to overcome my sins. I hadn’t known The Answer for sin, so I wasn’t aware of his strategy to keep me bound by sin. His goal was for me to do anything except come to the knowledge that Jesus had already won the battle for me. I hadn’t realized that when I was making efforts to overcome sinful desires by relying on my performance of spiritual disciplines (Bible reading, prayer, church attendance, financially supporting the “church”) that I was actually sinning! Not because any of those things are wrong. They are not! But, I was doing those things and thinking that if I remained faithful to do those things, eventually my battle against sin would get easier. I had unknowingly turned doing “good things” into the means to produce what they were never designed to. The problem wasn’t those actions. The problem was that I had my Faith in those things to bring me the grace of God. I was working for unmerited favor and didn’t realize it! I was living under “law” just like the religious leaders in the days of Jesus. And, just like them, I thought I was serving God His Way! But, living by the means of law (Old Testament Law or any man-made law) is opposed to Faith (Gal. 3:11-14). “And the Law is not of Faith” (Gal. 3:12). I didn’t know that I had been living in spiritual adultery (Rom. 7:1-4)!

The Devil WANTS Believers to try and live Godly lives through the means of their own willpower, personal strength and religious efforts! It was a real eye opener when I realized that the Devil doesn’t care how hard I try to live for God and abstain from sin. He just wants to keep Believers from serving God, God’s Way. That Way is the activity of exclusive Faith in Christ and The Cross, relying on grace (unmerited goodness from God) to receive the help of the Spirit of Life. If Believers don’t do that, they will be relying on their flesh power and remain captives to the Law of Sin and Death. All along trying to avoid being a captive to sin! The Devil doesn’t care that our motive is good. As long as our method is wrong, sin will continue to rule over us! This is what confuses many believers. They are trying to live a victorious life for Jesus and failing. They are going about it the wrong Way. While trying to do right and be free from sinful compulsions, they remain a captive and find themselves doing the wrong thing instead. Romans chapter 7 dealt with this situation that every believer finds themselves in at some point after initial conversion. Believers must come to realize that they are not stronger than the Law of Sin and Death. It is a law. Only the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus can set us free from the Law of Sin and Death.

Many claim to Believe that they are living by Faith in God. Then, they practice means other than Faith and grace to access freedom from sins power acquired for us at Calvary. These methods, steps or ways that go beyond exclusive Faith to access the benefits won for us at Calvary, bring God’s people into “law” and actually hinder God’s ability to bring about what they are so earnestly desiring from Him. Most Believers don’t even realize this because of the false teaching they have been under. And most counterfeit solutions have been wrapped in religious verbage, tagged with Scripture verses and then promoted by people with good intentions. However, that doesn’t mean it is the truth! That is what is so deceptive about false teaching. It has truth mixed in it, but lies are there as well. And truth plus a lie, equals a lie!

If you are promoting, or are a recipient of any program that does not rely on the finished work of Calvary to bring about deliverance, then it is in some way a counterfeit message. The focus will always be on what you or others need TO DO in order to gain spiritual victory in everyday life. Jesus already set you free from sin and Satan over two thousand years ago. The question is how will this victory become a reality in your heart and mind? How will it yield results in your daily life? Only the method that the Bible prescribes should be followed. And God’s method requires exclusive Faith which will allow the Holy Spirit the latitude within your heart and mind to provide you with deliverance from the ardent desire that pulls you in a wrong direction. Humanistic psychology is not in the Bible. It’s premise is an anti-Christ (don’t need His help) spirit. Despite this, it is taught and promoted as an answer for the problems (sins) within the hearts of God’s children. MANY “Christian” colleges and seminaries teach humanistic psychology, with a “Christian perspective”. I find no fault with someone who is not a Believer prescribing to such thinking. Or, if Believers use these means to address situations that do not pertain to sin. But, when Believers and the leadership within “Christian” colleges, seminaries and churches adopt this methodology to help address sin, they are at the same time defiling our Faith. This methodology originated in the minds of unbelievers. Humanistic psychology’s foundational premise is that all mankind is intrinsically good and can improve themselves. This is in direct contradiction to what God has declared in His Word. Mankind can learn to better themselves in many external ways, but not in regards to the areas provided in God’s redemption plan, sin and Satanic influence. No matter who you are, your education, environment or financial status, you cannot set yourself free from the sin nature within you or the powers of darkness that oppose you daily (Eph. 6:12). When God’s people use this methodology to overcome sin and Satanic problems, it is an insult to the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The proponents of humanistic psychology would argue that they teach it with a “Christian perspective”. They claim they use these teachings to help Christians better understand their behavior and always pray with those they counsel. But, when it all boils down to it, they are telling God’s people to practice behavior modification and ask God to bless it. But, God will only bless exclusive Faith in Christ relying on the enablement of the Holy Spirit. The Bible has already told us why we behave in sinful ways. We have a sin nature! And the only Law stronger than the Law of Sin and Death, is the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus (Rom. 8:2). Our behavior will change when our bodies are quickened by the Holy Spirit of Life because we are exclusively relying on God’s Solution (Rom. 8:11). The evil nature is so strong within mankind, that God knew it was necessary to give us the same power that raised Jesus from the dead to overcome this beast (Rom. 6:4-5, 8:11)! This is The Way, and Only Way a Believer can experience true victory. God will not bless or enable a wrong Way to overcoming sin. That would go against His nature. He can never bless sin (spiritual adultery, Rom. 7:1-4). We do not need to better understand ourselves and others before we can behave well. Mankind’s better understanding of ourselves does not lead to redemption. Man cannot redeem man! When Christians seek help for their sin problems from “Christianized” humanistic psychology, they are telling God (by their actions) that what His Son has done for them was not enough. Most Christian leaders proclaim and know that what Christ did at The Cross provided Believers freedom from the penalty of their sins. But, many Christian leaders simply do not know this also provided Believers freedom from the power of sin. They also fail to realize that accessing the benefits of redemption is only by continuing the activity of Faith in Jesus and what He accomplished at The Cross. Therefore, they are not proclaiming this wonderful Truth to their congregants. Instead, trying to help their congregants, they adopt various ways and means for their followers to practice. Humanistic psychology with a “Christian perspective” is one such way. This is now one of the many common solutions for sinful behavior among “churches”. And this, so-called “solution” has only been around for approx. a hundred years. God’s Solution has been around since the fall. As well, this method is not available to everyone. God’s Solution is. And, God’s Solution and access to that Solution, is by Faith alone! The qualification that all of humanity can meet. It grieves me that most churches and denominations that I am aware of, use The Cross of Christ for initial salvation and then readily point God’s people to other means and sources to help enable them to live for their Savior.

All of the various methods of the modern church, only deal with the symptoms and not the cause of the problem. It is like trying to cure cancer with vitamin C. There is nothing wrong with vitamin C. We all should take it! But, it won’t cure cancer, just like various methods proposed in the modern church won’t help overcome sin problems. Selfish ambition, sexual sins, love of this world, gossip, hate, unforgivness, lying, coarse joking, favortism, anger, jealousy, etc. are just some of the symptoms that the sinful nature is manifesting in our mind or actions. The root cause of these, and other acts of sin is the sin nature. If the power of evil desires and urges were replaced with the fruit of the Spirit, then these actions are less likely to occur. Sure, we can choose to commit an act of sin at any time. God never over-rides our free will. But my free will-power is not strong enough to overcome the power of the sin nature (Rom. 7:18)! Saying “yes” to God’s Solution for sin, is automatically saying no to sin. That is what Believers need to know. Living yielded to God relying on grace to allow the Holy Spirit the latitude to work within your heart is the only way to have victory over sin in your life (Rom. 6:13-14, 17-18).

The church doesn’t need various rooms with people instructing various step programs and ways to avoid all the various sin problems Believers have. They just need the Bible! They need to start preaching The Real Story of the Bible so Christians can start experiencing some real results. Throw away your programs and different solutions for various sin problems! All sin problems have one cause, the sin nature. If Christians knew God’s Divine Design, they would be experiencing Divine results. Instead, they are kept busy practicing steps and behavior modification to deal with symptoms from a powerful problem. A problem so strong, God gave us His Son and His Spirit in order to live free from it’s dominance (Rom. 8:2-3,11). Unless we learn and practice God’s method of redemption from sin’s power, we will remain captive by it. Please try to step back and analyze how you are dealing with sin. Allow the Holy Spirit to show you The Way.

Will you trust Jesus to be the only answer for any, and every, sin problem you have? This is what is required to initially receive salvation. And it is what is required to CONTINUE receiving the benefits of this great salvation. If you will do this, you will find the freedom and the joy of your salvation! But you can’t try to earn it for yourself. You just have to rest in His work, yield yourself to Him and then wait and see what the Holy Spirit will do inside of you.