Progressive Revelation?

The Struggle to Understand the Faith

The first Believers on the day of pentecost were all Jewish, or proselytes to Judaism (Acts 2:8-11,36-47). Not all of these, but most of these individuals had been indoctrinated with false teachings most of their lives. They had heard and known what the Old Covenant Scriptures said, […]

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The Complete Solution Revealed to Paul

Now we have established what Peter and the other disciples (apostles) knew about redemption. Paul had not received the information of how to be redeemed, or how to live in redemption from them. Paul tells the Galatian believers that he had not received the gospel he preached […]

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Progressive Revelation of God’s Solution

To some, redemption is just a matter of getting saved and then practicing good morals, spiritual disciplines and regular attendance to a church building. As long as these things are adhered to, they believe everything will work out. Let me first say, there is nothing wrong with […]

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