Story of the Bible

The Fall of Mankind

In the beginning of time as we know it, Adam and Eve, the first humans in this time period, were created good (Gen. 1:24-31). They were given a beautiful and all-sufficient environment in which to live and work (Gen. 2:8-15). They had no shame or regrets, for there […]

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God’s Solution was Already Chosen

Although the Devil may have thought he had corrupted humanity beyond repair, the fall did not come as a surprise to God. He knew Adam and Eve would be deceived, and as a result commit an act of rebellion against Him. He had already planned a Solution for this […]

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The Solution

Although that old serpent, the Devil, did cause humanity to fall under the penalty and power of sin, God had made a way that we wouldn’t have to remain down under it’s domination! All of mankind, since Adam, have become slaves to and held captive by their inner fallen […]

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The Story of the Bible

The Bible has multiple authors, was written over a period of approx. 1,200 years or longer, and yet has one overall message from beginning to end. The Bible reveals how the earth and mankind was created, and what we were created for. It gives the explanation of […]

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