But I’m a Good Person!

God’s Standard of Righteousness

We can deceive ourselves into thinking that He won’t judge our works according to His standard, the Law. But, who we create God to be in our minds, doesn’t alter who He really is. This is humanity’s way of “manufacturing” a god according to our own liking. […]

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Mankind’s Standard of Righteousness

We all, since Adam, have been corrupted with a propensity to live according to our own view of what is right (righteousness), and not submit to God’s standard of righteousness (Rom. 5:15,17). We see some areas of our lives that are good. We readily deceive ourselves into thinking that because of […]

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Jesus Met the Standard For Us

In His life, Jesus fulfilled the requirements of the Law. He was sinless, and had to be in order to qualify as our substitutionary sacrifice (2 Cor. 5:21). In His death on The Cross, Jesus blotted “out the ordinances that was against us” and that condemned us […]

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