Although the penalty of sin was broken by God’s Son becoming a man, being the perfect sin sacrifice and our Redeemer, how would men and women receive such redemption? And how would Believers access power to no longer live¬†under the control of sin? God made a Way to give underserving persons the gift of redemption fairly and right and without showing partiality. Unfortunately, not all of humanity will want the power of sin broken from their lives and a relationship with God restored. Most will choose to remain a captive to the Devil, remain under sin’s domination and power for their short life, choosing to suffer the consequences and experience the penalty for all eternity. But for those who do want freedom from the penalty of their sins and from it’s control over them, God would have to make it accessible to everyone. A requirement that anyone could perform to receive this free gift of redemption. What is this requirement? FAITH!

Faith would be the means by which redemption could be dispensed fairly to all mankind. The measure of Faith “God had dealt to every man” is His Way (Rom. 12:3). From the strong to the weak, the young to the old, Faith is the requirement, which all can readily and easily meet. Faith goes beyond mere mental affirmation, but is the act of relying, depending and trusting in something. God would require that anyone wanting redemption would have to use this ability in order to¬†acquire it.

God gave mankind this resource of Faith when He created us. And we didn’t lose this ability in the fall. Faith has always been His Divine Design. This design was under the Old Covenant, and remains the same in the New Covenant. It grants redemption by Faith alone. Under the Old Covenant, the Jews or converts to their Faith, were to observe civil, moral and ceremonial laws. But, there was only one way they could be in right relationship and be forgiven of sins by God. They had to offer a sacrifice for their sin and the sins of their family, and trust in that sacrifice to cover over their sins. If they did these two things, God’s mercy and favor could come into their life. Redemption was, and always will be, by Faith in The Sacrifice and Redeemer as the answer for our sin problem. God’s Way of redemption was, and is, Jesus Christ and Him crucified (1 Cor. 2:2). He is The Sacrifice and The Redeemer! Mankind’s Way to receive and benefit from God’s Way, is Faith in Him and what He did at The Cross (Rom. 3:24-28).