God’s Solution, and only Solution, for mankind’s sin problem was Jesus Christ and Him crucified (1 Cor. 2:1-8). In the Old Testament, the altar, the tabernacle and the sacrifices are all “types” and “shadows” (examples) of what Jesus was going to do for humanity when He offered Himself on The Cross as the Substitutionary Sacrifice. He already won the victory over sin and the Devil for all who will Believe and place all of their Faith in His finished work. These are some of redemption’s BENEFITS! Faith continues to be the way for Believers to access the BENEFITS of God’s solution.

Faith requires more than most realize. Faith is more than an acknowledgement within the mind that something exists or is real when we can’t see it. The devil knows who God is and that Jesus died on the cross. But that mere knowledge will not save him (James 2:19). Redemption requires more than a mental acknowledgement of The Truth. You have to completely rely on The Truth to be your salvation. Faith requires you to Believe and to perform the activity of trusting, relying and depending on something. Faith requires an activity of the will. And Faith is not a one time event. It is not something you did once, and now you’ve “got it”. Faith is an ongoing activity. The Christian life is a matter of continuing to exercise Faith in The Cross of Christ as the source by which the Holy Spirit can provide us the power needed to live in freedom from sin and the powers of darkness.

Access to God’s Solution had to be UNIVERSAL. The only means for this power that is available to everyone is the measure of Faith (Rom. 12:3). No matter who you are, or where you live, Faith can bring you and keep bringing you redemption. His mercies are new every morning! (Lam. 3:22-23). This way of access gets us into the Kingdom of God, and this way of access continues to provide us the benefits of this great salvation. It wasn’t by our works at the beginning of our salvation, and it is not by works to live out our salvation. This is still the resource and means by which every Believer is to order their lifestyle and behavior. Here is what Paul told the Galatian Believers. “Are you so foolish? Having begun in the Spirit, are you now made perfect by the flesh?” (Gal. 3:3). A believer’s flesh does not have the ability and strength to deliver itself from sin’s grip. Our flesh (talents, abilities, education and intellect, willpower and strengths) can’t access the benefits of salvation: freedom from the sin nature and freedom from the powers of darkness and their influence in our lives. That is why if a Believer relies on their own flesh (strength) to say “no” to sin, sin will end up ruling them anyway. That is why the apostle Paul, saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, and knowing the revelation of mankind’s redemption said, “for when I am weak, then am I strong” (2 Cor. 12:10). He was relating to the Corinthian Believers the principle that when we rely, trust and depend upon God, not relying on our human power (flesh), He (Jesus) can then become the power source by which we live. You may have thought your weaknesses are what kept you from being blessed or used by God. You are to fully trust, rely and depend (have Faith) on Him to be your overcoming source of victory for those inadequacies. We all are weak and have certain weaknesses. We all have “the sin” problem. But that doesn’t have to be the source of defeat. Instead, God can use it as the avenue to bring out Christ in you. Being a “strong” Christian, is realizing that you are a weak individual when it comes to living an overcoming life. I’m afraid there are many Christians who are struggling through their flesh (willpower and own strength) to overcome sin. Thinking that when they finally overcome whatever struggle they are having, God will see them as an overcomer. God sees His children as overcomers if they are exclusively relying, trusting and depending on Him for all aspects of their redemption, daily. You can be an overcomer before He actually brings about victory in your life. You can be an overcomer TODAY! RIGHT NOW! All you have to do is BELIEVE that Christ’s victory on The Cross will result in your victory coming about in your heart and life. The moment you place all your Faith in Jesus Christ and quit trying to save yourself from sin’s power, you are an overcomer in God’s eyes! Even if you don’t experience immediate freedom from your struggle with sin, know that your deliverance is at hand! Moses had to appear before Pharoah seven times before he let God’s people go. God eventually brought them out of their bondage and slavery. And He will do the same for you if you don’t quit BELIEVING. If the Holy Spirit is confirming this in your heart, BELIEVE, and have FAITH, knowing your deliverance is at hand!

So now, the question isn’t do you know Jesus Christ died for your redemption? The question is will you place your Faith in His redemption plan alone? Not His redemption plan PLUS some method of the world or modern church. That is called idolatry. Even though we may not have carved idols that we bow down to, we can still have the idols within our minds that pollute our exclusive Faith in Jesus Christ. Idolatry is practiced in the modern church by the various “ways” and “means” (other than exclusive Faith and reliance on God’s Spirit) that God’s people practice to rid themselves of their “problems” or to gain His blessings. There are lots of idols in “the church” today. We will discuss these idols specifically futher on. But know this. Access to the modern church’s various “ways” and “means” of overcoming sin and Satanic problems are NEVER UNIVERSAL! Their solutions require you to fulfill their various devised requirements and steps in order to access freedom from sin. Their “ways” and “means” to overcome “problems”, always leave some people out, because not everyone can access or practice what they are promoting. God’s solution, and access to that solution, is universal. If you hand someone a Bible, they have all the information they need to live a victorious life over sin and the Devil. I wish more pastors and preachers Believed that!